Silver Canada Goose

Size Fine Metal Content Diameter Weight Fineness
2 troy oz 99.99% fine silver 38mm 62.28gm .9999 Fine Silver

The Silver Canada Goose celebrates not only the beautiful harbingers of Spring, but the 100th birthday of one of Canada’s noted coin sculptors. This new 2 ounce Piedfort coin is struck by the Royal Canadian Mint and available from Dillon Gage.

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Artist Alex Colville proposed the Canada Goose for the design of the 1967 Centennial Dollar due to the bird’s “serene, dynamic quality.” The new bullion actually features the mirror of the 1967 design on this 99.99% fine silver coin.

This Piedfort coin, which is twice the weight of the RCM’s standard 1 ounce bullion, is the same diameter, making it twice the thickness. The term “Piedfort” literally translates to “heavy foot” in French. Piedforts have been struck for well over 500 years and have regained in popularity in recent years.

A single goose is displayed on the coin featuring its strong, streamlined body that enables it to fly great distances. Numerous geese will fly together in a V-formation to create air currents the geese can ride to save energy and travel as much as 1,000 km in a single day.

The coin features a unique cutting-edge security feature – micro engraved laser maple leaf (20) in the coin field.

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