White Horse of Hanover Gold

Size Fine Metal Content Diameter Weight Fineness
.9999 fine gold 1 troy oz. 99.99% fine gold

The White Horse of Hanover gold bullion is the ninth release in the Queen’s Beast series. It is available in 1 ounce and 1/4 ounce from Dillon Gage.

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The Queen’s Beasts series features ten beasts from Queen Elizabeth’s heraldic ancestry. In 1714, Georg Ludwig, ruler of the German duchy of Hanover, succeeded to the throne of Great Britain as George I. He brought with him the heraldry of the region, including the ancient device of a white horse on a red background. The white horse is a beast with a long history, deeply rooted in Germany’s past and that of George I’s medieval ancestors.

Although the White Horse of Hanover was dropped from the Royal Arms in 1837, it remains a device evocative of the history of the Hanoverian family,
ancestors of our present queen.

The White Horse of Hanover is:

  • Struck in one ounce of 999.9 fine gold
  • Finished to The Royal Mint’s bullion standard
  • Both sides of the coin were created by iconic Royal Mint designer Jody Clark
  • The coin’s secure chainmail background texture symbolizes strength and endurance
  • Struck by the United Kingdom’s official mint – trusted by government and royalty

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