PMC Ounce

PMC-Oz-PieChartThe PMC Ounce™ is a dynamic physical precious investment asset that provides the same diversified and weighted allocation of precious metals that comprise the PMC Index. The PMC Ounce trades in real time and allows an investor to capture and combine the value associated with each metal’s time tested characteristics as a store of wealth, inflation hedge, currency hedge and unique industrial applications. The PMC Ounce has been awarded a US Patent based on its innovation as a physical precious metals investment.
The PMC Ounce is automatically diversified within the precious metals asset class.  Each PMC Ounce contains a fixed weight of four metals; gold, silver, platinum and palladium.  The built-in diversification has historically proven to outperform portfolios that hold single metals.  The fixed weight of each metal is 93.75% silver, 3.5% gold, 1% platinum and 1.75% palladium.  The price fluctuates directly with the metals market.
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