Real-time physical precious metals trading is a reality with, Dillon Gage’s online trading platform. Whether using your desktop browser or mobile device, you have access to buy/sell prices on hundreds of gold, silver, platinum and palladium products as well as a host of business management tools for dealers.   The platform also provides registered users with the following:

  • Detailed view of your entire Dillon Gage trading history
  • Ability to manage shipping to your customers and track packages
  • Manage your retail premiums
  • Reduce your shipping and fulfillment costs and distribute custom collateral marketing material
  • View your personal trading analytics which provide you with better control over your business
  • Service overseas clients
  • Online Simplification of Self-directed IRA & RSP through the Closed Loop IRA platform

Click here for a video overview or here for information on the power within the FizTrade Mobile Application.

Point of Sale Platform

Dealers are now able to access an innovative Point of Sale component through the main dashboard of    This provides dealers and their clients with an immersive in-store experience and allows them to  shop for inventory online while browsing real-time precious metals pricing. When customers make a purchase from a dealer via the portal, a corresponding transaction is also locked in with Dillon Gage who sells the metals to the dealer.  This process alleviates the risk that the market may move before the dealer has time to call and purchase the metals.  It also allows for a more efficient experience with the customer and provides transparent pricing which adds a level of comfort for the customer.

Dealers customize and manage the premiums they wish to provide to their customers through the user-friendly dashboard.  They are also able to provide customers with a receipt that is custom branded with their corporate logo and contact information.

A popular feature is the ability to add inventory items that are in the dealers inventory and sell them via the Point of Sale portal.  The system can become the all-in-one sales tool for coin dealers and investment advisers.

To learn more on how the Point Of Sale trading system works, click here for a short video presentation.


Closed Loop IRA™

Closed Loop IRA

Trillions of dollars are invested in IRAs in the U.S. but very little is in precious metals. Why? Primarily because most investors are unaware of the opportunity. Under Internal Revenue Service rules, coins that can be held in IRAs include American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, Austrian Philharmonics and Australian Kangaroos along with many other gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bars.

A secondary reason is that dealers perceive the process as being too complex. Dillon Gage has developed the Closed Loop IRA™ Platform, a secure browser-based system, that helps dealers establish self-directed precious metal IRAs for clients through several IRA trustees or administrators. This platform simplifies the entire process and lets the dealer track each client every step of the way.

Dillon Gage has partnered with Denver-based New Direction IRA, GoldStar Trust in Canyon, Texas and CamaPlan in Pennsylvania, all of whom connect with the Digital Metals Platform electronically. Through this system, coin dealers can provide retirement-account solutions to their customers, who desire to leverage their IRAs to buy coins and store them in secure Dillon Gage storage facilities.

The simplified process works as follows:

  • From the dashboard, a coin dealer starts the procedure for his customer
  • The retail investor receives an email from his coin dealer with a link to the IRA Administrator, New Direction or GoldStar in this case. The other approach will be for the retail customer to initiate the process from a Closed Loop IRA widget embedded in the coin dealer’s website. This sets the stage for the self-directed IRA
  • Funds are sent to the IRA Administrator
  • Dealer is approved to purchase coins on the Digital Metals Platform for his client
  • Coins are purchased and can be stored at International Depository Services in Delaware or outside Toronto, Canada
  • The dealer and the investor are notified at each step in the process.

As an additional service, a coin dealer is able to provide buy recommendations to a customer directly from the Digital Metals Platform, with real-time price quotes. The process, and the fact that the Administrator is linked directly to the Digital Metals Platform, makes it easy for everyone involved.

Click here to watch a brief video interview regarding the Closed Loop IRA provided by CoinWeek.

Click here to watch a brief video tutorial that shows how easy it is to set up a Closed Loop IRA in your FizTrade dashboard.

DG Spots and Charts™

This simple widget can provide a lot of power to your website. Below are a couple examples of the information available for your website. There are several formats available so you can choose the one that’s right for you. You can see a live version of the Spots feed at the top of this page. Sample of the charts are on our home page. Click here for a video overview.

This widget takes seconds to upload and will be most useful to your business if you are looking to:

  • Drive your existing platform with spot prices
  • Leverage intraday charts on your website
  • Receive spot prices from a market maker
  • View spot price trending or ratios to gold prices
  • Lower your cost for spots
Spots and Charts


Do you have a retail store? Own a trading company? Dillon Gage offers you an innovative product that connects to any HDTV and delivers real-time spot prices along with marketing messages, configurable by you. Below is an example of where your custom-branding and personal messages would appear. All of this is controlled simply from the FizTrade dashboard. Spots-in-a-Box turns any HDTV into a billboard to provide information to your customers and your staff.  Watch this short video to find out how this easy this is.   Order yours today!



FizConnect is your electronic connection to the Dillon Gage trading floor, image library, spots and charts and much more.  This user-friendly tool utilizes a JSON Rest Application Program Interface (API) to seamlessly connect your company to Dillon Gage.  No other company supplies you with these resources to help you manage and grow your business

FizConnect is most useful for your business if you’re looking to:

  • fizconnect-feature2Hedge physical metals in real time and reduce market risk
  • Electronically know when market hours are extended
  • Access real-time spots and charts
  • Reduce human error by having the API work for you
  • Drop ship seamlessly to your customers
  • Lower your overhead
  • Access our extensive library of product images

Click here for a video overview.

eCommerce Tools


Launch yourself into the internet eCommerce business with FizConnect. Utilizing your own uniquely designed website, FizConnect allows you to access product images, display live spots and charts, and real-time product pricing that you customize for your retail customers.   You are also able to integrate into Dillon Gage to electronically lock in transactions.   This enables you to be more efficient and minimum market risk.

Basic JSON Rest APIs make it easy for your website developer to integrate all this information into your custom website.   Many dealers have witnessed the increased competition from internet-based companies. Now you can compete on a new level with a dynamic website that includes a precious metals marketplace.   Remember to ask your developer to design your website so that it is “responsive” and will adapt for mobile and tablet users.

eCommerce tools will benefit you if you are looking to:

  • Take advantage of internet and mobile device sales
  • Display quality product images and manage your retail prices online
  • Lock in transactions electronically and reduce market risk


Trader Direct™

Trader Direct

Designed with the investment adviser in mind. For years we have heard that advisers are forced to refer clients elsewhere if they wanted to purchase physical precious metals.  As a result,  we designed Trade Direct to assist and keep the assets and customer with the adviser.   Trader Direct is a private portal that delivers the flexibility to either allow the adviser to assist the client in trading, or set up the client on a custom-branded site and allow them to trade on their own behalf with funds on deposit.  Metal purchased can then be stored at one of two International Depository Services storage locations in North America.  Trades can be conducted either within investment accounts or within self-directed IRA accounts.

The Trader Direct platform allows customers to see their holdings, valuation based on current spot market and manage their “portfolio” of precious metals holdings.  For more information, click here to watch a short informational video.

Refinery Direct

Finally, a refinery with a 21st Century solution to enhance the customer experience. Take control of your refining lots by tracking the progress of everything from receipt to melt, assay and settlement.  Decide when to lock in your price for settlement and whether or not to take delivery of fabricated bullion coins and bars or receive payment in the form of a check or bank wire. Track your entire trade history and interact with refinery personnel at the speed of light.   With the Refinery Direct portal, customers have unsurpassed control and full insight into their refining lots and the funds associated with these lots.

Vault Direct™

With the launch of Vault Direct, clients now have the ability to immediately access precious metals holdings stored at International Depository Services in Toronto or New Castle, Delaware.  For years this type of service has been a standard component to personal banking and investment accounts and we felt that precious metals storage accounts should be handled in the same transparent manner.   This advanced portal also provides clients with the ability to execute transfers and shipments, download account statements and view itemized reports all with the click of a mouse.