Experience the Gold Standard of Dealer Apps

Mobile-App Dillon Gage has released a revolutionary web application that allows dealers to trade AND manage their retail business from anywhere in the world where a mobile connection exists.

No other metals wholesaler provides clients with such power and flexibility.



A recent study shows that consumer’s have increasingly high expectations for an efficient and simplified experience when it comes to transacting business.  The FizTrade mobile application gives our dealer clients the ability to meet those demands from their customers.

This technology allows clients to:

  • view current spot market prices and charts
  • lock in trades for wholesale accounts
  • manage and track shipments via hyperlink
  • configure retail premiums and tier pricing for website and stores
  • set custom product and pricing alerts and receive notifications via text or email
  • view trade history for all transactions with Dillon Gage
  • and, perhaps most importantly, accommodate customers and improve their trading experience.

Additionally, clients who use FizTrade Mobile and Desktop are able to reduce the need for capital because Dillon Gage is able to inventory most precious metals bars and coins and drop-ship directly to clients.   This alleviates the need for many costly items such as vaults and staff.

We understand the precious metals market is challenging and money and time are precious along with the metals we trade.   The FizTrade mobile application allows you to efficiently utilize both.

Existing FizTrade account holders can access the Power of FizTrade Mobile NOW!  
Simply go to m.Fiztrade.com and follow the instructions below for your specific device.  

Instructions for setting up FizMobile on iPhone

Instructions for setting up FizMobile on Android

Click here to be directed to FizTrade NOW!