Bullion You Can Wear

This highly-portable 24kt Bullion You Can Wearstore of wealth, bullion you can wear was created by international precious metals leader, Dillon Gage.

This 24kt “wearable bullion” comes with a lifetime “renewal” guarantee which means that for the life of the product Dillon Gage will reshape and refinish the product to restore its original beauty and style.

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  • Each bracelet is one troy ounce of 999.9 fine gold (24k)
  • Sealed in a tamper-evident package for security
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Perfect for gift giving or investing
  • Two styles available – smooth or hammered
  • Handmade for individuality
  • Suitable for a man or woman
  • 6 cm x 7 cm outer diameter
  • .5 cm thick
Visible Security

Tamper evident packaging for 24kt Bullion BraceletThe tamper-evident packaging is shown in the two images on the right. The first image shows the unopened package. The second image shows a package that has been opened. To view this, please click the images to enlarge. Visible around the edge is wording that shows “SEAL OPEN.”