Precious Metals IRAConnect IRA solution is the industry’s first website that gives dealers, advisers and banks the ability to satisfy the needs of their retirement investors. Users now have a trusted partner to assist in the highly desirable precious metals IRA business by making it easier than ever.

Dillon Gage connects institutional clients and private investors with the most popular IRA-eligible products through

The desktop and mobile-friendly site simplifies the process by identifying allowable products, facilitating the entire transaction and organizing the flow of money. will allow you to:

  • Establish your premiums for your customers on each transaction
  • Print receipts for yourself and your customers on the spot
  • Expedite shipment of metal to your client’s IRA account
  • Move funds quickly from custodians

Dillon Gage has aligned with Equity Trust Company, New Direction Trust Company, GoldStar Trust and CamaPlan all of whom connect with the IRA Connect Platform electronically. Through this system, coin dealers can provide retirement-account solutions to their customers, who desire to leverage their IRAs to buy coins and store them in secure Dillon Gage storage facilities.

How the simplified process works

  • From the home page of, a coin dealer securely logs in, views and purchases metals for their clients’ IRAs in an easy quick-click process.
  • Dealers input their premiums at the time of the transaction so that they know their margins and profit.
  • Products are then shipped to a segregated account at International Depository Services in Delaware.

Trillions of dollars are invested in IRAs in the U.S. but very little is in precious metals; primarily because most investors are unaware of the opportunity. Take advantage of this potential profit center with IRAConnect, the platform that simplifies the entire process.

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