Answers to Precious Metals Refinery FAQs (frequently asked questions) regarding refining gold and silver with Dillon Gage.

Opening an account

What is required to do business with Dillon Gage?
All first time customers will be asked to fill out an application before conducting any transaction with Dillon Gage. You can access the application here. Upon completion of the application you will be provided with an account number. This account number should be referenced each time you send in a lot for refining.
Does it cost anything to open an account with Dillon Gage?
No. There are no fees for opening an account with Dillon Gage
Where should metal be shipped that is to be refined?
The shipping address for the refinery is: DGI, 11210 Zodiac Lane, Dallas, TX 75229.
For your convenience and quicker processing, you may complete and print out this packing slip and include it with your shipment.
What types of assay services do you provide?
We offer two types of assay services. The method which we feel yields the most accurate results is the standard “fire assay.” We also offer “XRF” (X-Ray Fluorescence) Assays

Refining – Gold

What types of metal do you handle?
We can accept and process gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium.
Do you have minimums?
Yes. We require that the pure gold (or combined gold, silver and platinum) contained in the lot have a minimum value of $10,000.Lots having less value are not accepted.
What are your fees on gold karat scrap lots?
The fees are based upon incoming gross weight received. For lots over 50 ounces the fee is 1%. For lots less than 50 ounces the fee is 2%.For more information, view our Fee schedule.
Are there any additional charges?
There is a $30 assay fee per lot.
What is the turn-around time?
On high-grade karat scrap the turn-around time is 24-48 hours from date of receipt. Lots with gold filings take approximately 4 days to complete. You will receive automated email updates at each step of the process from receipt to settlement of your lot.
How do you handle bench sweeps?
These are considered “low grade” and take about ten (10) business days to process. The fees are 10-20% depending upon quantity received.
Can I send in polishing dust?
Yes, but we have a minimum requirement of five (5) pounds. We pay 80% of bid spot on the final content for under 10 pounds and 90% of bid spot for over 10 pounds. The turn-around time is 7-10 days.
Does dental gold have any value?
Dental gold does have value. The purity varies greatly.
Do I need to separate out my gold-filled scrap from karat scrap?
Yes, you need to separate these two types of material. The reason for this is gold-filled material is about 2% to 4% gold and it would water-down your karat scrap. We have a minimum requirement for processing gold filled material of 10 pounds.
Can you refine computer circuit boards?
We could but it would need to be several hundred pounds of material for us to be able to recover any significant amount of precious metal(s). We would be happy to refer you to someone who can process this material. Please call us at (888) 436-3489.

Refining – Silver

Do you have minimums?
Yes. We require that the pure silver (or combined gold, silver and platinum) contained in the lot have a minimum value of $5,000. Lots having less value are not accepted.
What are your fees on silver lots?
If you tender more than 100 ounces of silver to us we will pay you 95% on the return. If you tender less than 100 ounces of silver, we will pay you 90%. Therefore, our fees are 5% and 10% respectively. For more information, view our Fee schedule.
Are there additional charges?
There is an assay fee of $30 for each silver lot.
What is the turn-around time on silver lots?
The processing time for silver lots is approximately 5 to 7 days.
How do you handle sterling silver coins and medallions?
In the case of clearly hallmarked and easily identifiable sterling silver coins and medallions, we would waive the $30 assay fee. The other fee remains the same since it must be refined from sterling to pure silver.
Do I need to remove the handles from sterling silver knives?
No. It is not necessary, however, removing them does help reduce the melt loss and increase the accuracy of the assay.
What if the purity of my lot is less than 70% pure silver?
In the case of low-grade silver, the fee would be 20%.
Do you process silver flake?
Yes. We will pay you $0.37 market discount of bid spot with a $30 minimum processing fee.
Are silver cores and silver contacts accepted?

Refining – Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium (Platinum Group Metals PGMs)

Do you have minimums on PGMs?
Yes. We require that the pure platinum (or combined gold, silver and platinum) contained in the lot have a minimum value of $5,000. Lots having less value are not accepted.
What are your fees?
For Platinum, the fee is 10% on lots with gross weight less than 10 ounces and 5% on lots greater than 10 ounces gross weight. For Palladium, the fee is 15%. For Rhodium, the fee is 20%. For more information, view our Fee schedule.
What is the turn-around time?
All PGMs can be processed in approximately 7 business days.
Do you handle catalytic converters?
No. The metal content is usually very low grade. The return value is minimal after the extensive refining process
Do you accept Rhodium Plating Solution?
No. This is a cyanide-based solution that is illegal to transport. There is little value to the solution after the expensive processing needed to reclaim the metal.


How will I receive my payment?
You have the flexibility to select your method of payment from several options including check by regular mail, overnight check for $15 fee, bank wire for $35 fee, trade for coins and bars or establish a pool account for later use.

Witnessing melt

Can I witness the melt?
You may witness the melting and sampling of your lot. If you wish to witness the melt, please give us notice as to when you plan on being in the office and how much you are bringing so we can accommodate you.

Stone Separation

Do you have minimums?
No. However, a minimum $50 fee applies to these lots.
What are your fees for stone removal?
The fee for stone removal based upon the total incoming weight received. This fee is $5 per gross troy ounce. There is no assay fee charged for this process. For more information, view our Fee schedule.
What is the processing time for stone removal lots?
Our stone removal process takes about 5-7 days to complete.
How do I send in a lot for stone removal?
Since fees are based upon the total incoming weight, you can maximize your profit by separating out the karat scrap that contains stones from the karat scrap that does not. Send in the lot for stone removal as you would any other refining lot but include a note that is it for stone removal and whether you want us to call you with a bid on the stones and if you want the stones returned to you.
What stones can be separated?
The stones that can be separated and recovered in good condition during the stone removal process are diamonds.
Do you bid on diamonds and colored stones?
We DO offer competitive bids on loose diamonds of all sizes from the smallest melee to multi-carat stones. We do not, however, make offers on colored stones and many are damaged or destroyed in the stone removal process.
Do you do stone removal from platinum jewelry?
Yes. The fee for this is $7 per gross ounce received with a minimum processing fee of $50.

Diamond Buying Services

Do you buy diamonds after they’ve been separated in the refining process?
Yes. The experts in our Jewelry Liquidation department would be happy to provide you with a competitive bid on your loose diamonds.
What if I do not like the bid I’ve received for my diamonds?
If you do not wish to sell your loose diamonds to us, simply ask the customer service representative to return them to you.

Local Delivery of Refining Lots

Can I bring my lot to your facility?
How quickly can you process my lots?
For karat gold lots the turnaround time is 24 hours or less.
Can I receive cash after the assay has been completed?
No. We have a variety of payment terms available: corporate check, bank wire for $35 fee, trade for coins and bars or establish a pool account for later use.

Green Processing

Are your refining processes environmentally sound?
Yes, all of our processes meet or exceed EPA requirements.