Raw gold and other precious metals ore is reliably and efficiently processed by Dillon Gage Refinery. We give mines an excellent return.

We accept all forms of material that contain gold, silver, platinum and palladium* – with no minimum or maximum quantities. We  accept dore bars with a minimum purity of 90%.

We receive and complete all refining processes at our privately-owned facility in Dallas, Texas. Your material is never sent to a secondary facility. We are not middlemen. With Dillon Gage, you are never in doubt where your possessions are or who is handling them. Security and respect for your valuables is a cornerstone of our refinery.

In most cases we can process your lot within 24 hours and make payment by check, wire or trade for bullion from all major mints from around the globe.

*We are unable to process lots with the presence of mercury or cadmium.