Online Refinery Portal

 Securely access and manage your refinery account from almost anywhere in the world with FizRefinery™, a part of Dillon Gage’s suite of proprietary precious metals trading and technology services.

With, we make your job easier and increase your efficiency giving you the ability to control your account online:

  • Open Lots
  • Settle Lots
  • View Status Reports
  • View Payment Status
  • Create New Lots
  • View Assays
  • Track Fees gives Dillon Gage customers the ability to log into 24/5 using their global FizTrade credentials and view information on refining lots and settlements.

For FizRefinery access, current Dillon Gage clients should call 888.436.3489 or email, for access.
If you are not a client, you can complete the Dillon Gage application. Once you have an active account, you may request access to FizRefinery.

Click below for a review of FizRefinery features.

Main Dashboard

On the main dashboard, clients can view their open lots along with a status report as to where each lot is in the processing cycle.

The status reflected will be new lot, refining in process and ready to settle.

With FizRefinery, you always know where your lot is in the process, when it was settled and how payment was made. Also available is a summary and detailed view of previously settled lots.

Create Your Lot
Prior to shipping, clients are encouraged to create a lot by selecting the metal type, karat and weight.
Stone removal lots can also be submitted for processing under the create a lot category.

It is here that you can select having our on-staff diamond expert give you a bid on your diamonds or if you would rather have them returned to you.
After creating a lot, you will be assigned a lot number and will be able to view the estimated value and refining fees. Having access to the lot number allows you to track the progress at your convenience.

View Your Assay
The dashboard also displays the results of your lot’s assay.
This important part of FizRefinery is designed to quickly let customers access a key step in the refining process.
This screen also shows whether a price has been locked in for each of the metals in your lot.
Track Your Fees
Refinery customers should be aware of ALL fees that a refinery charges. That’s why Dillon Gage Refinery has always offered a simple settlement with full disclosure on fees.

The only fees we charge are: Assay and Refining.

The more complex the settlement or fee schedule the more suspicious you should be. One way to hide fees is via “accountability fees.”

That’s why FizRefinery gives you a detailed breakout of your fees. In both the dashboard “advance” view and in the final Settlement Report that you can download after the lot is complete.