At Dillon Gage Metals, we believe all people have fundamental rights and deserve equal and ethical treatment.  We believe in the freedom of rights outlined in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and UN Standards or Conduct for Business in responding to discrimination. See Dillon Gage Human Rights Policy

In promoting an inclusive environment where people are treated with respect and dignity without discrimination.  We believe the work environment should be free of harassment and should foster a state of mental wellbeing.

At Dillon Gage, we are committed to the development of talent and leaders for the future.  We believe in equal opportunity, fair pay practices, and fostering an inclusive work environment.  The health and safety of our employees are paramount, and we strive to provide a healthy work environment, where people treat each other with respect and fairness.  

At Dillon Gage, we believe our company has a purpose beyond profit and we play an essential role in improving society and advancing economic opportunity and fair business practices.  We strive to conduct business ethically within the bounds of applicable laws and support the elimination of corrupt or financial crime.  We believe in the preservation of the planet’s natural resources for the future.  Practices should be implemented to reduce emissions and conserve resources and reduce waste. See the Dillon Gage Health, Safety & Environment policy

At Dillon Gage, we believe responsible business practices should be considered when making decisions in building relationships with our clients and suppliers.  We are committed to making informed client and supplier acceptance.  Our policies and procedures require Dillon Gage to regularly assess our client and supplier partnerships.  We expect our suppliers to use responsible business practices as well.  

The Dillon Gage Responsible Sourcing Policy, Human Rights Policy, Anti-Bribery Policy can be found on the Dillon Gage website at under the “About Us” tab.

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