Gold Panda 2019

Gold Panda 2019 Front
Gold Panda 2019 Back


Size Fine Metal Content Diameter Weight Fineness
30 g 30 g 32 mm 30g .999 or 24 kts
15 g 15 g 27 mm 15 g .999 or 24 karats
8 g 8 g 22 mm 8 g .999 or 24 kts
3 g 3 g 18 mm 3 g .999 or 24 kts
1 g 1 g 11 mm 1 g .999 or 24 kts

The Gold Panda 2019 features a giant panda cuddling a cub. This popular bullion coin from the China Mint is also available in 30 grams of silver.

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Chinese gold and silver Pandas are among the world’s most popular bullion coins. They were first introduced in 1982 and, over the past 35 years, have become a favorite among collectors and investors alike. Not only are they a trusted way of owning precious metals, but Panda coins have become sought-after numismatic items. Unlike most bullion issues, which rarely change in appearance, gold and silver Pandas are released with a new design every year. These attractive and dynamic designs have made Pandas into a highly collectible series.

All mintages display the weight, metallic composition (.999 fine gold) on the reverse and the Chinese legal tender face value on the reverse. The obverse of all mintages depicts Beijing’s Temple of Heaven surrounded by the date in Arabic numerals and “The People’s Republic of China” inscribed in Chinese.

This 2018 Panda featured a portrait of a giant panda bear eating bamboo.

In 2016 gold and silver Panda coins changed from being weighed in ounces to grams. The one troy ounce version was replaced with a coin weighing 30 grams. That’s slightly less than a troy ounce, which equals 31,1034768 grams.