Black Bull Of Clarence Queen’s Beast

Black Bull Of Clarence Queen’s Beast Front
Black Bull Of Clarence Queen’s Beast Back


Size Fine Metal Content Diameter Weight Fineness
1 oz 99.99% 32.69mm 31.210g .9999 fine gold

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This is the fifth in the Royal Mint’s Queen’s Beast series! This fabulous design is available in three different coins: 1 oz and 1/4 oz of .9999 fine gold and 2 oz of .9999 fine silver.

This bullion series was inspired by the statues that decorated the entrance to the Westminster Abbey for Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1952. They were inspired by the ten “King’s Beasts” statues that Henry VIII had created for Hampton Court. Each of the fantastical beasts holds a different heraldric that displays the Queen’s ancestry.

The Black Bull of Clarence is a “Yorkist” beast which came to The Queen through Edward IV, the first king of England from the House of York and one of the key players in the “Wars of the Roses.” Edward IV is said to have often used the bull as a symbol, as did his brother, Richard III, the last York king