British Britannia 2017

British Britannia 2017 Front
British Britannia 2017 Back


Size Fine Metal Content Diameter Weight Fineness
1 oz. 1 Troy oz. 32.69 mm 31.21 g .9999

The Britannia celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

To commemorate the milestone, The Royal Mint is using the original design by Sculptor Phillip Nathan from 1987 for the 2017 1 oz. gold bullion. In this design Britannia, the heroic female personification of Britain, stands on England’s South coast braced against a powerful wind holding a trident and a shield adorned with the Union Jack. There is a new accent though, the 2017 design features a radial sunburst behind the iconic spirit of Britain.

The figure of Britannia, a warrior queen or goddess, has been used on British coins since the days of the empire. She has often been said to reflect powerful women through the ages, and, in the case of certain British queens, the events and attitudes of their reigns.

During the eighteenth century her image was used to reinforce Britain’s mastery of the seas when she was first seen with a trident.