Germania Cast Bars

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Size Fine Metal Content Diameter Weight Fineness
1000grams 99.99% fine silver 114.3 x 54 x 16.7 mm 1000grams .9999 silver
500grams 99.99% fine silver 85.6 x 43.8 x 14 mm 500grams .9999 silver
250grams 99.99% fine silver 61.5 x 34.8 x 12.4 mm 250grams .9999 silver
100grams 99.99% fine silver 40.3 x 26 x 10.3 mm 100grams .9999 silver

Germania Mint has added three sizes to its cast silver bars. In addition to the 1000gram bar, Germania is now producing 500, 250 and 100gram bars, all of which are available from Dillon Gage.

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Silver Cast Bars are the new investment product from Germania Mint. The series was first launched with the release of their 1000gram bar earlier in 2021. The bars feature a highly polished design and innovative packaging. The 1000gram bar attracted the attention of not only investors, but also collectors.

The Germania Mint offers an innovative answer to product security. All of the Silver Cast bars feature two serial numbers. That’s right, two. One number is engraved on the bar’s obverse side. The other number is part of the hologram on the bar’s reverse. These numbers are then registered in Germania Mint’s database. This double coding adds an extra layer of security to the bars and the database enables dealers and investors the ability to verify the bar’s authenticity.

Each bar is vacuum-sealed, offering protection from atmospheric impact. Next, each bar is packaged in a designer box that features ennobled finishing that adds to the bar’s uniqueness, elevating it to a true collector’s item.

Germania Mint uses only the highest grade .9999 fine silver from LBMA certified sources.

Germania Mint

In 2018, Germania Mint was launched in 2018 by the Kurowski Group, which has a proudly been involved with thousands of international numismatic projects since the late 2000s. The Mint was first started so that the Kurowski Group would have the total responsibility for all developmental stages of a precious metals product – from the design and production of the coins and their packaging, to marketing activities and distribution.

Kurowski Group began in 1986, when Apolinary Kurowski – father of Szymon Kurowski (the owner of Germania Mint), opened a numismatic store in Poland. The family business has now grown into a 200-person company with a global clientele. The company now produces coin packaging and finishing for some 500 leading numismatic companies from around the world, including mints and central banks.