Silver Piedfort Crocodile & Baby

Silver Piedfort Crocodile & Baby Front
Silver Piedfort Crocodile & Baby Back


Size Fine Metal Content Diameter Weight Fineness
2 oz 99.99% Fine Silver 40.6mm 2 oz .9999 Fine Silver
10 oz 99.99% Fine Silver 65.06 310.066 gm .9999 Fine Silver

The Silver Piedfort Crocodile & Baby is the second design in the Next Generation series. This series was launched in 2018 with the popular “Koala and Baby” coin. The series is available exclusively from Dillon Gage. The design was struck in 10 and 2 ounce coins.

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This series of .9999 fine silver coins is struck by the Perth Mint. The first Koala and Baby coin was struck in both 2 oz and 10 oz.

The baby crocodile is shown perched on its mother’s snout. This fearsome denizen of the Outback is surprisingly maternal. The mama croc protects her young from the moment they hatch until at least 3 months later. All of The Next Generation coins will display a mother and baby from an Australian Outback species, while the obverse shows portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. In addition, each Next Generation coin includes the enhanced security element of micro-engraved radial lines.

This series also includes an unusual aspect, all of the coins will be struck as Piedfort coins. This means that the coins, while the same diameter as Perth’s standard round silver coins of the same weight, will be double the thickness.