Spartan Warrior Silver

Spartan Warrior Silver Front
Spartan Warrior Silver Back


Size Fine Metal Content Diameter Weight Fineness
1 troy oz. .999 fine silver 39 mm 99.9% fine silver

Spartan Warrior Silver Bullion. This Dillon Gage exclusive offering celebrates the legendary bravery of the Spartan Warrior. This round is also struck in copper.

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The obverse of the round features a Spartan Helmet and an array of their many weapons, plus the word “Warriors,” the weight and fineness.

The reverse depicts a muscular warrior in mid-attack, his spear raised and cape flying as he descends on a unlucky foe. This side also has the word “Spartan.”

Spartans were citizens of Sparta, an ancient Greek City State that defeated Athens at the height of its power in 431-404 B.C. Spartan culture was centered on military service and loyalty to the state. At age 7, Spartan boys entered a stringent program or state-sponsored education & military training. This system emphasized duty, discipline and endurance.