Storage & Logistics Solutions

IDS Group’s strategic locations in Texas, Delaware and Toronto coupled with broad industry knowledge provide an array of account structures to meet the business needs of participants in the precious metals marketplace.

Fully segregated storage accounts
Client inventory deposited at IDS is maintained physically separate from all other IDS clients thereby ensuring that the exact inventory received is delivered back to the client.

24/7 online access through VaultDirect™
IDS depositories are the only precious metals storage facilities to provide online access and account management in real-time via VaultDirect. Through VaultDirect clients can view holdings, transactions history and much more. Clients can also submit transaction requests to move metal to other accounts within the depository or initiate delivery outside of IDS.

Individual and master-sub account
From individual, private-investor accounts and dealer accounts to institutional accounts such as master-sub relationships, IDS provides storage solutions tailored to the needs of clients.

Collateral custody services for lenders and borrowers
IDS Group offers collateral custody accounts to enable precious metal loans and offer requisite terms to lenders and borrowers.
Precious Metals Storage Accounts