Global Leader in Precious Metals Dealer Services

Global Leader in Precious Metals Dealer Services

Dillon Gage is the global leader in physical precious metals trading.  As distributors for all major sovereign mints and maintaining inventory in over 25 locations around the world, we provide prompt delivery and unbeatable service to our clients.

We cater to wholesale dealers, institutional firms and private wealth clients by providing access to our professional traders Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm and to FizTrade™, the premier electronic trading platform 24-hours a day, 5 days a week.


FizTrade is the gold standard in the physical metals trading industry offering:

  • Real time bid/ask pricing for a vast number of precious metals coins and bars
  • Analytics to track orders, review purchase and sales trends, etc.
  • Ability to manage your retail/resale pricing and drop-shipments
  • Access to Closed Loop IRA™ platform to manage and simplify the IRA process
  • Pool accounts
  • Much more

For almost 40 years, Dillon Gage has led the industry in trading and service. In 2012, we added a new level of products and support through our Digital Metals Division. These advanced products solve many problems that our customers are facing.  The technology products can:

  • Increase top line growth
  • Improve profit margins
  • Lower costs
  • Manage risk

International Depository Services Group, with facilities located in the United States and Canada, are privately-owned by Dillon Gage and meet the needs of clients who wish to store their assets in segregated accounts in a secured and insured depository.

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