FizTrade Online Trading

Trading precious metals is now quick and easy with FizTrade.™ We provide real-time physical precious metals trading and business management tools for dealer at the click of a mouse. FizTrade Online Trading offers both bid and ask markets for gold, silver, platinum and palladium on a platform that allows seamless trading.

Through your web browser or mobile device, plugs you directly into the Dillon Gage Trading Floor and fulfillment system. FizTrade gives you:

  • Real-time spots and charts updated at the speed of the market.
  • The ability to buy or sell hundreds of items in just a few clicks
  • Access to the IRA management platform which allows dealers to streamline and track the entire IRA process of their customer from start to finish
  • Order management and the ability to update shipping information and track all orders whether placed via phone, or online
  • Easy fulfillment with customer drop shipments available
  • Ability to set alerts for premium changes or target metal prices and receive notification via email or mobile phone
  • Analytics to assist dealers with business management

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Access the power of FizTrade with the FizTrade mobile application for iPhone and Android.

Want to learn more about the power of FizTrade mobile?  Click here for a short video.