Precious Metals Trading Customers Served



Coin dealers have been a key part of our client base since we began over 35 years ago. Our traders are proud of the relationships we have forged over the years, as we strive to give our dealers the friendliest and most knowledgeable service. From rare coins to the latest bullion from the world’s major mints, Dillon Gage can provide you with all your precious metals needs.

To better serve our dealer community,  extended trading hours are available via, our online real-time trading site available via desktop and mobile devices.  Registered clients can trade during the following hours:

  • Market opens Sunday at 5pm Central and continues unabated until Friday at 4pm Central.

From FizTrade you will receive accurate pricing on hundreds of products along with the ability to track orders, see complete trade history, edit client shipping addresses and view analytics on all transactions.

Dillon Gage has also launched a unique array of online services for dealers with our Digital Metals Division.  Click here to learn how doing business in the cloud can make your business more efficient and profitable.

Estate Liquidators

Estate Liquidators

Rare coins, bank notes and Swiss watches are frequently part of estates. While the departed family member may have had a deep knowledge of the collection’s value, its unlikely the heirs have the same expertise. Valuation and liquidation of these assets can be among the most challenging for executors. Determining the worth of these items is a complex process because value is almost always dependent upon condition which can only be assessed by someone with expert knowledge in these areas.

The numismatic and watch specialists at Dillon Gage have over 40 years of experience in professionally helping people liquidate rare coin collections and Swiss watches and we are considered to be among the nation’s strongest buyers.

Institutional Investors

Institutional InvestorsTrading physical precious metals is the bedrock of our business and has been for over 28 years. As an internationally-known trading firm, we understand that the acquisition of precious metals is often seen as a prudent step toward portfolio diversification. As an Associate of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and distributor all major world mints, Dillon Gage is best-suited to assist banks, brokerage houses and fund managers with the acquisition and storage of all types of physical precious metals in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  We actively trade in COMEX-deliverable products with inventory available in over 25 locations worldwide.

For your convenience, trading may be conducted with our professional traders over the phone, via our online trading system, FizTrade, or electronically via sophisticated JSON Rest APIs, which create efficiencies, reduce error and lower market risk. Whatever your desired method of trading, we are here to accommodate you. Programs can be tailored specifically to your needs and security protocols can be established so that only certain members of your organization can facilitate trades or conduct transactions.

Also available is our Trader Direct platform for your private wealth clients. This cloud-based program allows you to customize a trading platform specific to your clients’ assets and needs.

Custody of metal can be handled in either of our two independently-operated depositories in New Castle, Delaware or Toronto, Ontario. International Depository Services maintains strict procedures for all clients with security of assets and data being of the highest priority. Transactions can once again be handled electronically via a custom client portal or a system of APIs.