Dillon Gage 2017 Holiday Coin Picks

Holiday coins from World Mints for 2017 in Silver and Gold
World Sovereign Mint’s Gold and Silver Coins Make Meaningful Holiday Gifts

ADDISON, Texas (Dec. 13, 2017) — Just in time for Christmas, and as part of an annual tradition dating back several years, executives with international precious metals wholesaler Dillon Gage Metals are out with their short list of favorite 2017 holiday-themed coins.

Many of the world’s sovereign mints including the Royal Mint, Royal Canadian Mint and The Perth Mint offer specifically themed holiday coins and coin set options, and these selections can make cherished Christmas presents or stocking stuffers.

Silver 2017 Holiday bullion from Perth Mint“The gifting of gold and silver coins to family members for Christmas is a unique opportunity,” said Terry Hanlon, president of Dillon Gage Metals. “Many consumers are simply unaware that several of the coins and sets are quite reasonably priced while offering a tremendous collectible value.”

Three particular items made the list of 2017 favorites from Dillon Gage Metals this year. First is the Royal Canadian Mint Fifty-Dollar Holiday Splendour Coin, designed by Canadian artist Marie-Élaine Cusson. Next is a star shaped 1 oz. Silver Coin proof from The Perth Mint in Australia, which also doubles as a Christmas tree decoration. Last but not least is a classic Christmas tree-themed coin from the Royal Mint, featuring a design by acclaimed printmaker Edwina Ellis.

While Dillon Gage Metals caters to the precious metals dealer network, investment advisors, fund managers and private wealth clients and is not a retailer for individuals, it’s always exciting and interesting to see what the World Mints produce to commemorate the holiday season, Hanlon noted. Dillon Gage is one of only a few companies authorized to distribute products from world sovereign mints.

Dillon Gage Metals suggests that buyers of coins to be gifted in 2017 consider these factors before purchasing:

  • Keep your recipient in mind. With such a wide selection of options, buyers can usually locate a specific theme for gift recipients (Disney, historical figures, flowers, holidays).
  • The purchase of a collector coin set is a great way to spark a lifelong passion for collecting and investing in precious metals in the younger generation.
  • Buying products from well-known and reputable dealers is advisable. Do some research before you decide to buy any gold or silver coins.
  • Many coins and coin sets have a limited mintage.

Consider the gift of gold or silver coins and collector sets this holiday season. A memorable gift of precious metals provides the thoughtfulness and intrinsic value attributes not seen in many other alternatives.Consider the gift of gold or silver coins and collector sets this holiday season. A memorable gift of precious metals provides the thoughtfulness and intrinsic value attributes not seen in many other alternatives.

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