New Precious Metals Trading App

Precious metals trading-based app gives dealers an alternative to buy, sell and trade 24/7

DALLAS (Sept. 24, 2019) – Dillon Gage – the world leader in physical precious metals trading and technology serving dealers, financial institutions, banks and brokerage houses around the globe – announces its new FizTrade precious metals trading mobile app. Launched in 2000, FizTrade, the award-winning trading and business management platform,enables account holders to easily, quickly and efficiently buy, sell, trade, track and ship physical precious metals online. FizTrade’s mobile app connects users to 24-hour trading, up-to-the-minute order status updates, real-time bid/ask pricing and management of the fulfillment process.

Research shows that traders are more active and need a streamlined experience that goes where they go and quickly meets their trading and business needs. “We have taken the FizTrade online trading functionally and created a mobile app. Anything you do on your desktop or laptop can now be done in the palm of your hand,” said Mark Furmanek, chief operating officer for Dillon Gage.

The FizTrade app from Dillon Gage allows iPhone users to:

  • View real-time spots and charts at the speed of the market
  • Browse Dillon Gage’s full catalog of live products and pricing
  • Save frequently-ordered products for easy reference and quick trading
  • Access Dillon Gage’s current specials and promotions to find the best bullion products at the lowest prices
  • Buy and sell precious metals in real time with just a few clicks
  • Enable facial recognition to login quickly and securely
  • Update and add additional shipping and transaction information
  • Track orders easily whether placed via phone, FizTrade mobile app or desktop
  • Receive text, email or push notifications on pricing, product availability and shipping status

“Since 1976, we have committed ourselves to providing leading-edge technologies that make trading precious metals easier and more advanced than anyone one else in the industry,” said Terry Hanlon, president of Dillon Gage. “Our technologies, like the FizTrade mobile app, are an integral part of our business.”

Recently, Furmanek explained how the FizTrade mobile app works. is the leading precious metals trading and technology services platform. To access the FizTrade mobile web application, account holders can simply download the app from the Apple App Store. Wholesale clients are encouraged to open a trading account at

About Dillon Gage Metals
Dillon Gage is the world leader in physical precious metals trading and technology serving dealers, financial institutions, banks and brokerage houses around the globe. Since 1976, Dillon Gage has led the way in innovation, advanced trading tools, technology and intellect. The firm is one of a handful of firms who are authorized purchasers of bullion (including coins, rounds and bars) for all major world mints and maintains inventory in over 20 countries. Dillon Gage’s integrated products and services include numismatics, bullion and electronic trading of precious metals and fulfillment, API integration, physical gold tracked by blockchain technology, refining and storage. The firm operates FizTrade Online Trading, IRAConnect, Dillon Gage Refining and International Depository Services Group, a privately-owned subsidiary of Dillon Gage Metals, with locations in Delaware, Texas and Ontario. Dillon Gage’s philanthropic arm, HELPS International, provides relief, development and educational opportunities to Guatemala. Learn more about Dillon Gage at

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