Physical Gold Meets Blockchain

DGGold - Physical Gold Meets Blockchain Technology

Join the trading revolution. Dillon Gage takes physical gold ownership into the future our latest trading innovation, DGGold™. This is the advanced way to purchase and manage physical gold, tracked by Blockchain technology. DGGold is the most cost-effective and secure way to own gold.

Dealers can easily offer their customers the future of gold ownership through our FizTrade™ platform.

This proprietary product, brings an investment opportunity previously dominated by large institutions and bullion banks, to our dealer network to satisfy individual investors’ needs.

Unlike exchange-traded funds or ETFs, your clients will enjoy direct, 100 percent ownership of .995 or better pure physical gold that is securely stored in fully segregated and insured vaults of IDS Texas, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dillon Gage.

The title is maintained by a cryptographically-secure blockchain database that investors can utilize to verify ownership.


  • Low cost acquisitionStored in Vaults approved by the Royal Canadian Mint
  • Digital tracking to the 1/1000th of an ounce in real time
  • 100% direct ownership of pure physical gold
  • Stored and insured at no extra cost in the IDS of Texas vaults
  • Fully insured accounts
  • Quickly sell online in real time
  • Daily audits ensure each account is properly funded
  • IRA investment eligible

How does it work?

  • Through FizTrade, dealers connect with Dillon Gage Metals to conveniently and safely buy, sell and store any quantity of investment-grade physical gold using blockchain technology – even fractional ounces.
  • One hundred percent of the gold is deposited in reserve as physical gold in the highly-secure IDS of Texas vaults. Investors have complete ownership over their gold holdings and can request physical delivery in a variety of forms at any time.
  • Gold ownership is verified using blockchain technology to ensure data accuracy and tracking.

For more information about DGGold, call Mark Furmanek, at (800) 375-4243 ext.1152.