Precious Metals Refining for Aviation

Aviation The aviation industry strives to adhere to the highest standards for technical excellence. Dillon Gage is the same when it comes to our refining and recovery processes for precious metals.

The processing and recovery of precious metals contained in avionics requires a facility with advanced technology and appropriate equipment to be able to accommodate the processing of platinum group metals. Platinum group metals are the most problematic of the noble metals to process and Dillon Gage has extensive experience dealing with these materials.

Gold and Silver RefiningDillon Gage’s refining facility has been a pillar in the precious metals and refining industry since 1996 and is equipped with large capacity, high-temperature furnaces that can process aeronautical material in a quick and efficient manner. This rapid turnaround allows you to receive your funds in record time.   You can request payment via bank wire or trade value of scrap lot for bullion coins or bars.

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