Point of Sale Platform

Dealers are now able to access an innovative Point of Sale component through the main dashboard of FizTrade.com. This provides dealers and their clients with an immersive in-store experience and allows them to shop for inventory online while browsing real-time precious metals pricing. When customers make a purchase from a dealer via the portal, a corresponding transaction is also locked in with Dillon Gage who sells the metals to the dealer. This process alleviates the risk that the market may move before the dealer has time to call and purchase the metals. It also allows for a more efficient experience with the customer and provides transparent pricing which adds a level of comfort for the customer.

Dealers customize and manage the premiums they wish to provide to their customers through the user-friendly dashboard. They are also able to provide customers with a receipt that is custom branded with their corporate logo and contact information.

A popular feature is the ability to add inventory items that are in the dealers’ inventory and sell them via the Point of Sale portal. The system can become the all-in-one sales tool for coin dealers and investment advisers.

To learn more on how the Point of Sale trading system works, watch the short video below.