Welcome to the Dillon Gage Family!

You have just joined a family that has been a pillar in the precious metals industry for 40 years. We are proud to be recognized as an authorized purchaser for all major world mints; a distinction conveyed upon only a few dealers in the world. In spite of this and our other achievements in the industry, we never lose site of you, our customer. Our goal is to offer unparalleled service to every client.

While our trading operation has been the foundation of our company since it’s inception in 1976, over the years we have added many divisions and services to clients who participate in the precious metals industry grow their businesses. Many of these services will help you streamline your trading operations, reduce market risk, launch your own eCommerce website and mobile application, receive higher returns from your refining lot and much more.

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We understand your areas of interest are unique to you. Below you will find direct reference links to a few of our most popular products and services.

Phone Contact Information
For quick access, below you will find direct phone numbers to specific divisions.

  • Trading Room: 800-375-4653
  • Refinery: 888-436-3489
  • International Depository Services Group: 888-322-6150