Dillon Gage Metals Precious Metals Refining

Precious metal refinery crucible with melted gold

Whether you need to process the purest karat gold or low grade sweeps, the Dillon Gage precious metals refinery is your best choice. As a pillar in the precious metals industry for more than 35 years, our metallurgy experts provide rapid and accurate refining returns as well as stone removal and diamond buying. Our superior technology, equipment and expertise combine with friendly service to provide precious metals refining settlements for gold and silver in as quick as 24 hours. All steps are performed at our Dallas facility. There is no middleman. You always know where your assets are and who is processing them. Simple fees are disclosed up front.

We are a proud LBMA Associate and member of: the National Pawnbrokers Associate (NPA), Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT) Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC) and National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL), to name a few.

Trade your refining lots for bullion bars and coins:

Dillon Gage is the only precious metal refinery in the United States who is also an authorized purchaser of bullion coins and bars from all major world mints.  This allows you to acquire bullion products at competitive rates when you settle your refining lot for physical precious metals.  Or, if you wish to make an individual physical precious metal purchase, we can assist you with that as well.

Online, real-time settlements of refining lots:

Advanced digital technology allows our customers to settle their refining lots at anytime during market hours by using our online settlement portal. Never before has it been quicker or easier to lock in your price and get paid.

Our facility is fully compliant with the US Patriot Act and offers:

  • Lightning-fast turnaround – as quickly as 24 hours on high-grade materials, sputtering targets, and dental scrap
  • The most accurate assay services in the industry
  • Competitive purchasing after the melt
  • Control of your pricing – you can lock in your price at any time
  • Efficient stone removal with immediate purchase of your diamonds – melee to large stones
  • Ability to trade scrap for internationally-recognized bullion bars, coins, or grain
  • Wire or overnight check on request (extra fee)
  • Pool accounts
  • Automated information sent via email to track progress of each lot from receipt to settlement
  • Online melt calculator to estimate your melt value
  • Environmentally sound process

With the Dillon Gage Refinery, you enjoy turnkey processing and the best value for your melt.

To ship to the Dillon Gage Refinery, please use our Refinery Pack Slip. Simply complete the information, print and enclose a copy with your shipment. It is recommended that you maintain a copy for your records. (Please note, the information on your form will NOT be captured by our site.)

Refining Fee Schedule

Click the link below to download a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet you may use to estimate the value of your materials.

 Scrap Gold Calculator