America’s Debt Load And The Price Of Gold

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Just two days away from the inauguration and all the focus is on President Elect Trump’s plan to create jobs, grow the economy and cut corporate and individual taxes to stimulate the economy. Also he says he’s working on a infrastructure plan to rebuild America.

And let’s not forget the Federal Reserve has called for three interest rate hikes in 2017.

Oh and one more thing: Revamping Obamacare.

Sounds like a plan to Make America Great again…or is it?

One word comes to mind and I’m compelled to put it in capitals letters.


Our country is already running a budget deficit of over 500 billion dollars a year. Anyone care? Seems not.

If the Federal Reserve raises interest rates like they claim they will in 2017, this will
add hundreds of billions of dollars in additional costs that Congress must cover in this year’s annual budget.

One way to turn things around will be for Congress to drastically cut Social Security, Medicare and all other entitlements. What’s the odds of that happening? ZERO…

Oh by the way, as I’m writing this comment, President Elect Trump is calling for a weaker U.S. Dollar. He claims it is way too high. In a Wall Street article the other day he blamed this is in part on China holding down its currency and added that “our companies can’t compete with them now, because our currency is too strong. And it’s killing us.” Tuesday morning, one of Trump’s advisors speaking at the world conference in Davos said, “We must be careful of a rising dollar.”

So when you look at all I mentioned above, does any “one” word come to mind? I’ll keep you in the dark until I build up my case. (No scrolling down for the answer) Taking the information from above, here are the key formulas to find the “one”.

  • Lower dollar = ?
  • Lack of positive economic data that would give Fed the reason to raise rates = ?
  • The country’s debt spiraling out of control = ?
  • Possible trade war with China = ?

OK here’s the word: “GOLD”

Every topic I mentioned has the ability to fuel the price of gold. And if this all comes into play, I for one would expect much higher prices in the near future.

What’s in your vault?

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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