Are Funds Exiting Gold and Silver?

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Have the funds exited the gold and silver market looking for a better opportunity?

The Net Long Fund Position (NLFP) had a significant decline last week due to more and more Fed Presidents
expressing a hawkish tone.

In gold, the NLFP fell 46,396 contracts or 16 percent indicating a quick exit from holding their long positions. Once all the levels of support in the price of gold were compromised last week, the commodity fund managers quickly liquidated their long gold holdings. This morning a few Wall Street Gold traders indicated that fund managers are concerned that interest will rise this year, as indicated by the CME Watch tool that giving the possibility of a rate hike in December at 64 percent.

The Silver NLFP is suffering the same fate as gold, down 9,059 contracts which is down 11 percent from the previous week.

What I find interesting is the number of Wall Street traders indicating that they are playing in large numbers in the gold silver ratio. The gold silver ratio is currently at 71.3 percent, up from 68 a few weeks ago and some are indicating they expect it to hit 78 in the near future. I don’t think that will happen because an interest rate hike should have a more profound decline in the gold price, whereas I believe a decline in silver will only be viewed as a buying opportunity.

Columbus discovered America and it seems the rest of the world is discovering America once again as more and
more financial advisors are indicating they are seeing more over-the-pond investments than ever before.
Negative interests rates, declining currency values overseas only fuel our equity markets. This only begs the question that, if the whole world views the United States as the only remaining safe haven, how safe are we really with a 21 trillion dollar debt, out of control costs in health care and the ever increasing costs of entitlements? And let’s not forget a congress that refuses to come together for the sake of our nation. We all know that they will have to address the issues someday. The question is, will it be too late?

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