Dollar Trading In Tight Range

Dollar Trading In Tight Range

The Dollar index is firming up and trading in a tight range overnight giving some Gold investors hope that a strong rally in the dollar will not materialize.

Overnight, physical buying emerged out of Europe, especially in Germany and France we are told, bringing the spot price of Gold to a high of $ 1288.70. Slowly moving towards the $ 1300-dollar level again.

Spot Gold technical support levels a bit away at $ 1275, looking at this time unlikely to be tested.

Wall Street Gold traders still holding on to their short positions from the $ 1318-dollar level, have said that if the market reaches the $ 1295 spot level they will likely start to cover and take their
profits off the table. In the meantime, they are just enjoying the ride to the downside.

One prominent Wall Street Gold Trader said to me this morning, “I would be very surprised to see the price of Gold test the $1,300 dollar level again. I just don t see a catalyst emerging that can move
the price back up to that level again.”

It looks like a US-China trade deal is forthcoming and can reduce the chance that investors will look to Gold as a safe haven.

Just looking at the Global Bond Market this morning and seeing every Ten Year Bond is up, and yields are lowering for the day. Here are Ten Year Bond Stats:

Belgium  0.6590  0.6500  13:45  0.6590  13:45  0.6894  0.6900  0.6450  0.6868  -0.0278
German  0.1400  0.1400  13:40  0.1400  13:40  0.1662  0.1662  0.1300  0.1651  -0.0251
Danish  0.2470  0.2395  13:00  0.2432  13:00  0.2730  0.2730  0.2432  0.2731  -0.0298
Spanish  1.1390  1.1300  13:44  1.1390  13:44  1.1559  1.1600  1.1170  1.1559  -0.0169
French  0.5300  0.5200  13:41  0.5250  13:41  0.5605  0.5607  0.5200  0.5606  -0.0356
Italian  2.6570  2.6500  13:44  2.6570  13:44  2.6868  2.7300  2.6540  2.6869  -0.0299
Dutch  0.2440  0.2400  13:45  0.2440  13:45  0.2688  0.2700  0.2330  0.2689  -0.0249
U.S. Treasury  2.7133  2.7101  13:45  2.7117  13:45  2.7196  2.7218  2.6992  2.7169  -0.0052
U.K.  1.2479  1.2479  13:45  1.2458  13:45  1.2848  1.2857  1.2450  1.2849  -0.0391

So, with Equity Futures down a bit overnight, higher bond prices, and a steadying U S Dollar, it makes sense that the price of Gold is trading a little higher this morning.

Palladium prices are holding up relatively well as the backwardation continues showing a steady EFP at minus 50 minus 30.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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