FLASH GAGE: Gold Relative Strength Index at 80%

My technician friends “AKA the gold chart traders” have been knocking at my door this morning bringing to my attention that the Gold Relative Strength Index now stands at 80.4 percent, indicating from the charts that Gold is extremely over bought at these levels. For those who follow the RSI here are the levels most look at:

Simply put:

  • Gold RSI below 30 signals the gold market is oversold.
  • Gold RSI above 80 signals the gold market is overbought.
  • Gold in the area of 50 signals a neutral stance or pause in price is expected.

The Gold RSI indicator measures market price momentum and is a tool some use to predict market tops and bottoms. By no means am I advocating using this tool alone to trade the gold market. It’s just tool a lot of folks use with other information to predict future trends. I for one, give the charts about a 10 percent reliability and that’s just one man’s opinion. (Sorry guys I know you love the charts.)

As I start to write this report we see gold breaking the $ 1,200 level after rallying from $ 1,046 on Dec. 3rd.

Equity markets experiencing somewhat of a free fall today and oil down over 3 percent and who could forget the treasury market in positive territory also. I also heard from a Wall Street Trader today the Funds are very active in the ETF arena.

So only time will tell if this momentum is sustainable. To my chart friends, thanks, I’ll be in touch.

Have a wonderful day.

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