FLASH GAGE – Greece Grabs Headlines – Gold Climbs

Dillon Gage - Flash Market Update

What a surprise! Greece is back in the headlines again, holding both hands out looking for another bail out.

Gold is up this morning especially in Europe. As metal investors there digest the news on inflation, the highest in four years, and the potential Greece crisis encore.

Greek bonds are reflecting the concern as the Greek government bond yields climbed above 11 percent on January 31st, from about 5.5 percent a week earlier. Germany not happy that they will be looked upon for assistance once again and have asked help from the IMF.

No wonder French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has expressed the desire to leave the EU. Greece bailout, Italy’s banking crisis, Portugal and Spain in terrible shape. Everyone in the EU is tired of the same old story and the talk at the water fountain is: We would rather take care of our own problems and not have to worry about the handout countries. It seems to many that the European Union was destined to fail from day one.

Well gold, once again will benefit from this kind of news. This morning we broke thru to levels of resistance in the April contract at $1,220 and $1,226 giving gold the potential for a further move to the upside.

Yesterday the Fed announced no rate hike and in my opinion, the way things are going in the economy, I expect they will be hard pressed to raise rates any time soon.

In tomorrow’s Market Gage I’ll share my thoughts on where this country is headed.

Have a wonderful Thursday.

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