FLASH GAGE – How Will U.S.’s Big Bomb Drop Affect Gold

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The U.S. just dropped the mother of all bombs on an ISIS tunnel in Afghanistan. This is the largest non-nuclear bomb the U.S. has in its arsenal.

The Trump administration at the same time issues a picture of our military capabilities of our aircraft carriers ready to strike North Korea if they send up a missile or even worse test their nuclear capabilities for the sixth time possibly on Saturday commemorating their founders birthday.

The gold market has no reaction to the story as we see the dollar stronger and the ten year treasury softer keeping gold in its place. But equities are selling off the news. But as the equity markets sell off I expect gold to catch another bid.

This weekend we all should be watching closely and I mean closely all the news out of North Korea as they celebrate their holiday on Saturday. There is no telling what Kim Jung-un is capable of but one thing is for sure based on what we seen from President Trump so far if he acts we are coming and gold will be a benefactor to his actions.

I’m curious to see where the markets will open up on Monday if anything happens.

Have a wonderful Thursday.

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