Gold Higher This Morning Despite Strong Dollar

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Gold higher this morning even with a stronger dollar. Far East physical buying continues to be the reason for the continued rally in the price of gold. Gold kilo bar consumption is the headline in the Far East as orders from here in the States pick up steam.

The yield in 10-year treasuries softer here in the U.S. and bond yields across Europe also lower.

The British Pound trading lower versus the dollar this morning over news from a weekend interview with Prime Minster May where she said, “We are leaving , we are coming out, we are not going to be a member of the EU any longer. We will have control of our borders , control of our laws but we still want the best possible deal for UK companies to trade with and operate within the European Union and also European companies to trade and operate with in the UK.”

You can bet that Germany and France will be watching closely how the exit proceeds as, if it goes well, one can assume public pressure on their government officials will escalate to follow the path of the UK.

Today Boston’s Fed President Eric Rosengren and Atlanta’s Dennis Lockhart are due to speak . I always feel the need to tighten my seatbelt as any surprise comment can affect the price of gold in a big way.

I’m still holding my position that there will NOT be three rate hikes in 2017 as I expect more problems from over the pond economically and politically to hand cuff the Fed s here from moving forward increasing rates. Also with the Democrats on the hill digging in their heals for a showdown with President elect Trump to try to derail anything he tries to do in his first 100 days.

 Many Democrats as well as some Republicans are questioning his plans for spending on infrastructure and at the same time his plans for cutting corporate and individual tax rates. Where will this take our countries debt as AGAIN as this is not being addressed as it should be.

All this will give my prediction credibility that the price of gold will be higher on January 1 st .2018 than it was on January 1, 2017.   

Oh one more bit of news. The gold ETF for the third day in a row has seen inflows as some  equity investors take some profits off the table and dip their toes back into gold for the time being as the Dow comes up just short of the magical 20,000 level on Friday.

Also $ 1182 level in the February contract should see some resistance, my charting fiends shared this morning but the real resistance doesn’t come into play until we trade $ 1195 in the February contract.

Have a wonderful Monday.    


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