Gold Tests the Highs This AM

By Walter Pehowich,

After talking to Wall Street traders this morning the story is the same.
To put some slang into the statement between $1,117 and $1,154 (price of Gold) “the train ain’t runnin’,the tracks are broken between these two avenues so to speak.

This morning the gold market tested the highs once again, I think it’s the 3rd time we tried to break thru $1,154 with no luck. The Market came off hard, down to $1,145. So we just sit and wait for some news that will put the train back on track.

As I indicated before, gold traders love volatility and look for momentum
in the market place before taking a position.

Coin premiums continue to come off. The reason is, all seems to be well in the equity world. The F=fourth quarter equity market comes in on solid ground, so the retail investor is looking back at dividend paying stocks to invest in.

Some Wall Street trading strategies that have been a topic this morning is the Platinum Gold ratio: buying the platinum January contract and selling the December Gold contract. The spread got as wide as 235 dollars recently and these levels are attracting some speculation in this area.

Silver moving up earlier this week almost 12 percent in three days have taken the wind out of the sails in the coin premiums. Brokerage account executives all say that the retail investor hates stock market volatility and loves Silver under 15 dollars. Those two facts put into play gets our physical market back on track.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Walter Pehowich is the executive vice president of precious metals investment services for Dillon Gage with over 38 years of experience in precious metals investment services. His career began in 1977 at Bache (which evolved to Prudential-Bache Securities and then Jefferies Investment Bank). While at Jefferies, he served as senior vice president with oversight of investment grade precious metal products. Pehowich holds a National Futures Association (NFA) Series 3 license, authorizing him to advise and sell alternative investments in commodities and futures markets.