Gold Traders Taken on Trip to the Emerald City

Remember the movie The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy and her crew were in Emerald City; the Wizard tried to intimidate them using smoke and mirrors? Then Toto pulled the curtain away and the Wizard said, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

Well today, another Fed chairman emerges from behind the curtain to add his two cents: Richmond Fed Chairman Jeffery Lacker. I guess he felt left out, or Janet just told him it’s his turn to comment on future Fed rate hikes.

Lacker said “Estimates of the economy so-called natural real rate of interest, the rate when economists think there will be normal economic growth rates and stable inflation, is at or just above zero…This perspective would bolster the case for raising the federal funds target rate.”

So, as Janet Yellen pulls away the curtain once again in an attempt to influence the price of gold, let’s see how she is doing. Oh look, at the time of this report, gold is up $22 dollars at $1,245. So Janet, I don’t think anyone out there believes you anymore. Why? Let me give some reasons.

  1. Looking at a slightly stronger dollar index today, that should put a little pressure on gold, right? Nope we are up.
  2. Gold ETFs shares are up again today at approximately 55 million ounces. Up every day for over
    a month now. FED chatter hasn’t dented that momentum.
  3. How about this? Recently on the CME, we hit a record high open interest in the gold futures at 440,000 contracts.
  4. Strong CME GOLD option activity.

Janet, I hope I made a strong case. When the weather turns a little warmer, I suggest a bocce tournament or some tennis lessons for the staff during trading hours. This will clear the smoke and make your whole staff feel a whole lot better.

Thanks for listening.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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