Gold’s Recovery Mode

At the time of this report early Friday morning, all four metals are found in recovery mode. Let’s take a deeper look at the two metals that have had a lot of action this week, particularly, this first one.


This morning, Palladium found investors who believe in the fundamentals that have recently brought the price of the metal to new highs. This action reclaimed a chunk of this week’s losses.

What I found interesting, is that on the first day of double digit declines, open interest in the June contract only dropped a little over 1,000 contracts and yesterday lost 2,000 contracts. It looks like some of the commodity fund managers decided that it was time to sell their holdings and took their profits off the table.

So, all in all, this is not a total confirmation that the holders of long positions have left town.

Unfortunately, we are unable to gauge the physical side of the ledger in Zurich where a lot of the action occurs.

Surprisingly enough, in the last two days Palladium ETF investors have stayed put, even adding slightly to their positions.

So, it will be very interesting to see how things play out today.


This morning finds Gold back hovering at the $1,300 mark. The holders of long positions in the yellow metal were disappointed with yesterday’s $18 drop. However, some traders I spoke with this morning said that Gold’s correction, down from this year’s high of $1,347, had been overdone, though they do not see a significant rally in the cards.

For the time being they expect the price of Gold to stay locked in a range of $1,290 to $1,310 dollars until some significant news hits the wires.

All markets will continue to focus on the Brexit developments and especially US-China trade negotiations talks.

Have a wonderful Friday.

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