Precious Metals Physical Demand Jumped Yesterday

The first half of 2015 ended with a stellar day for our corner of the financial world as physical demand picked up sharply yesterday on a global level. The lower price points and ongoing concerns in Greece certainly had investors and traders seeking the diversity and security an investment in physical metal can offer. This morning finds good and slightly better than expected economic data out of the U.S. continuing, which is fueling a rally in the USD and sell-off in bonds which are weighing on gold and silver as they probe lower and re-test support at $1,165.00 and $15.50. The surprise of the day comes from palladium which rallied sharply during the Asia trading day and briefly traded above $700.00. A rumored large physical order got the market moving higher which may have forced buy stops to be elected on the electronic trading platform.

This morning finds palladium is still up $25.00 at $698.00 and it appears to be assisting platinum, which is up $11.00 at $1,091.00. With liquidity already decreasing in front of a long holiday weekend in the U.S., the rest of the week could bring fireworks as we will receive the June U.S Employment Report tomorrow and the market will continue to trade on Friday. Physical demand should continue to support the market on the dips towards $1,155.00, but a break below $1,150.00 in gold likely signals a revisit of the low $1,100.00s. Technical resistance from the 10-, 50- and 100-day averages, which are currently residing between the low $1,80.00s through low $1,190.00s, should be stiff, but a break above $1,200.00 could see shorts running to cover along with momentum buyers jumping in, so the rally could be significant.

Happy July 4th to all who celebrate and to everyone else have a good weekend. My next commentary will be on Monday.