Precious Metals Start Week Steady

Precious metals began the week yesterday on a steady note with a bit of physical demand throughout the Asia Pacific region. This was followed by another weak economic report from China as their Manufacturing Index came in lower than expected, setting the stage for further stimulus action from their Central Bank which brought about more buying. Today is a holiday in much of Europe, and as often happens, the decrease in liquidity brings volatility to our market.

Prices spiked up in early U.S. trading as speculative short covering was reported in the OTC market while buy stops on the futures exchange were elected above $1,185.00 and $16.50. As the recent trading ranges continue after the lower end held late last week, we still have a market that is looking for a directional leader. As gold has failed to provide that leadership, I would expect silver to give it a try this week. The week begins with support in gold at $1,175.00 and $1,165.00 while resistance stands at $1,192.00 and $1,210.00. Silver support stands at $16.35 and $16.15 while resistance can be expected at $16.75 and $17.00.