Dillon Gage & Neptune Global Holdings Team to Offer PMC Ounce™

Patented Investment Asset Offers 4-in-1 Unit of Trade of Physical Bullion

DALLAS, TX (Feb. 10, 2015) – Dillon Gage Metals is proud to announce that it is the exclusive wholesale distributor of the Precious Metals Composite Ounce (PMC Ounce™), an innovative physical precious metals investment product. Dillon Gage has teamed with Neptune Global Holdings to market the first-of-its-kind physical bullion composite investment asset for investors. The new offering – patented by Neptune Global in 2013 – has already garnered interest from hedge funds, investment advisors, IRA custodians and private investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

The PMC Ounce is a single unit of trade comprised of four components: gold, silver, platinum and palladium, weighted to provide diversification across the precious metals spectrum. Each PMC Ounce contains fixed percentages of the four metals – 93.75% silver, 3.5% gold, 1% platinum and 1.75% palladium – and is a measured unit of trade that is 100% physical bullion; it is not a fabricated bullion bar or round.

Dillon Gage is the exclusive authorized wholesale trading firm for the PMC Ounce, providing real-time trading via its online wholesale trading platform, www.FizTrade.com. Pricing is based on active metals markets and registered users can make purchases starting at 100 PMC Ounces

PMC Ounce purchases are stored in the individual investor’s name in a secured and insured account at International Depository Services of Delaware (IDS), an LBMA associate. Investors may convert to fabricated bullion bars or coins and take delivery of any quantity for a nominal fee.

“This is a groundbreaking, patented option for investors who wish to diversify a percentage of their financial holdings into the broader physical precious metals market,” said Chris Blasi, founder of Neptune Global Holdings, LLC. “Instead of just gold or silver, you get the diversification of four precious metals in one ounce increments and account holdings are fully insured and allocated in the investor’s name at the International Depository Services of Delaware, a secure and insured depository.”

Due to its overall diversification of physical precious metals bullion, the PMC Ounce has significant advantages over a single-metal asset allocation. Namely, the product will be less prone to market fluctuations seen in single-metal holdings. Moreover, the uniquely diversified PMC Ounce has historically outperformed single-metal such as gold. A hypothetical financial return comparison on gold vs. the PMC Ounce for the period of 2008 to present demonstrates a 30-point margin increase from 51 percent on gold alone to an 81 percent increase for the PMC Ounce.

As a unit of trade, the PMC Ounce is easily bought or sold, then held in a precious metals IRA account at IDS. “There is no substitute for a secure depository when it comes to the storing and accounting of precious metals investments such as the PMC Ounce,” states Alisa Moen, president of IDS. “Being the sole approved depository for this product, our customers will appreciate the fully dedicated reporting, security and services we offer for storing this unique product.”