Silver Solos Higher This Morning

Trading resumed yesterday on a quiet note as China was closed for a holiday and all market participants waited for the latest news on Greece. While the potential for a default still exists and headlines are mixed, it does appear as a bit of progress was made today as the deadline for debt repayment draws closer. While gold traded steadily on Friday, it was unable to close above resistance at $1,205.00, which I thought was necessary to get this week off to a good start (for those rooting for higher prices). It appears that many short term position traders may have had the same view as gold’s failure to move higher overnight has brought sellers back to the market with gold now working its way through support which runs from the low $1,180.00s through the mid $1,170.00s.

Platinum and palladium are continuing their move lower this morning as palladium has fallen below $700.00 while platinum has fallen to a $120.00 discount to gold. Silver is the highlight this morning as it is up on the day despite its 3 siblings being sharply lower. News that speculative silver short positions continued to increase last week on the futures exchange while physical demand is increasing may indicate the “shorts” are growing nervous this morning as they look to lighten up. The gold silver ratio, which was at 75.00 last week, is now at 73.30. If the ratio continues to move lower, look for silver to take a run at $16.75 in the coming days.