Special Edition: Stronger Dollar Fails to Dent Gold

Despite a stronger dollar and higher US Treasury Yields the price of gold marches forward. The release yesterday of the July Fed minutes seemed to convince many gold investors that the Fed does not have the ammunition to raise rates any time soon.

I found the Chairwoman’s comments interesting in how she described the low rate of inflation. She said, “I attribute the recent slowdown to idiosyncratic or peculiar factors like cheaper wireless service.” Really? Cheaper wireless service is one of the main factors inflation is low? I think she can do better than that.

The Fed has indicated that they always try to be transparent. Well, by announcing you have a 2 percent inflation target and allowing all your members to speak between meetings, you have now put yourself in a corner, taking away any opportunity to raise rates unless inflation gets out of control.

Also with all the issues inside the Trump White House, it seems more and more likely that the President’s agenda with be put on hold or derailed completely.

There doesn’t seem to be any news to rally the stock market from here and any news out of North Korea might force investors to take profits off the table and look for other avenues for their dollars.

We will be listening to our Financial advisors to see if the mood of the retail investors has changed.

Keep an eye on bond prices as I expect that market to see the first inflows of cash if there is a rotation out of stocks for any reason.

Have a wonderful Thursday.

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