Weaker Dollar Supporting Gold Over $1,200

Weaker Dollar Keeping Gold Over $1,200

The Dollar Index has fallen below the 95 figure, giving the price of gold some support above the $1,200 dollar level. Some unexpected news that was reported this week revealed that inflation had cooled off a bit in August putting the Fed on notice that maybe they should think twice about adopting an aggressive stance on raising rates.

In New York City at the CME and IPMI dinners, there were many folks talking about how much silver they have for sale. Seems dealers and banks are willing to take a very small premium if they can get it, to unload some of their one-thousand ounce silver bars.

The CME reports that between eligible and registered Silver bars in their warehouses, there is over 293 million ounces being held. A precious metals trader from a large bank told me that they have cut back a good portion of silver they have been buying from producers because they just don t have a home for product at this time. And refiners continue to use the exchange to unload the silver they just can‘t sell.

The Future of Blockchain

Even if you don’t own Bitcoin or accept it as a form of payment, the technology underpinning it, Blockchain, is certain to recast your company’s fortunes.

Organizations that don’t take stock of this fast-emerging technology risk losing out to competitors that do.

At its core, Blockchain is a secure and immutable series of transactions (records) of all kinds, represented as nodes along an unbroken digital chain.

Because each node in the chain references all the other nodes, no single node or record, can be changed without all the other nodes being notified.

These chains have infinite applications that can be used in any industry. In our industry, a Blockchain platform can keep track of inventory in a vault, process transactions, and make or take payments, all at the same time.

Bank transactions, medical records, and motor vehicle records, just to name a few, can be kept on a Blockchain platform.

Blockchain will increase transactional trust of all the data on the platform, reducing fraud and saving companies millions of dollars in transaction fees.

Blockchain platforms can also be used within computer systems themselves to ensure that requests for data made by a given application to a database are legitimate and not an intrusion of any kind.

With any size business it is imperative that you research all this new technology has to offer. Because if you fail to do so, you can be sure your lack of knowledge and/or utilization will have a negative impact on your business in the future.

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