Aztec Warrior Silver

Aztec Warrior Silver Front
Aztec Warrior Silver Back


Size Fine Metal Content Diameter Weight Fineness
1 troy ounce 99.9% silver 39mm 1 ounce .999 fine silver

Aztec Warrior Silver Round is 1 oz .999 fine silver. This Dillon Gage offering complements our Aztec Calendar round and bar products. This design, which celebrates the fierce aspect of the Aztec culture, is also available in copper.

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The reverse of the round depicts a warrior in mid-attack adorned with a feather headdress and bearing a spear and shield. The reverse also has the word “Aztec.”

The obverse is the standard image for the “warrior” series, with a spear, axe and sword. At the center is the iconic Trojan helmet. The reverse also bears the inscription “warriors” with the metal content, weight, and purity.

More on the Aztec Warrior

The Aztec empire’s rapid expansion central Mexico was driven by the might of its warriors.

There is some disagreement about the status of warriors in Aztec society. Could a successful Aztec warrior become a part of the nobility or was that class only accessible through heredity?

Historians say that there were “societies” within the Aztec army – groups of knights that held a high rank and a high place in society. The largest (and today most well known) of these were the Jaguars (ocelomeh) and Eagles (quauhtin). Men in these societies would wear uniforms representative of these animals.

Sometimes they would wear wood helmets with the insignia of their order. Higher classes wore bright featherwork, quilted cotton armour, mantles of blue (tlahuiztli suits). The higher the rank, the more elaborate the costume. Aztec warriors could also carry flowers, a privilege normally reserved for the nobles.

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