100% Return on Stone Removal

With 100% return on stone removal, Dillon Gage is your partner when it comes to stone removal and diamond buying. Our skilled professionals know how to100% Return on Stone Removal recover even the smallest melee from karat gold scrap, insuring that you get the most money out of your stone removal lot.

As an added benefit, Dillon Gage will waive all refining fees when you sell your diamonds to us.  Why would we do this? Because we have buyers around they world who require these stones to place in newly manufactured jewelry. With Dillon Gage, there is never a middle man to take a chunk out of your profit.

We have expert diamond buyers on staff, ready to provide you with bids on everything from melee to large carat stones. Our buyers have over 30 years in the business and understand the volatile diamond market better than most.

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