Gold Marches Higher

Gold Marches Higher

The price of Gold marches higher as the value of the U.S. Dollar continues to soften. As Gold approaches the $1,200 dollar level, traders still holding short positions (and there are many) must be thinking twice about holding on to a possible losing trade. Continue reading…

Price Of Gold Takes A Pause

Price of Gold takes a pause

The price of Gold takes a pause today after dropping almost 3 percent this week. The price of Silver experienced a 5 percent decline and PGMs also took it on the chin as Platinum declined 6 percent and Palladium fell over 5 percent. Continue reading…

Gold Goes Digital

Gold Goes Digital
Dillon Gage introduces DGGold™ – direct physical gold ownership now available to investors

ADDISON, Texas (Aug. 14, 2018) – Dillon Gage Metals, one of the world’s largest precious metals wholesale firms and leading technology innovator in the industry, recently launched its first Digital Metals product, DGGold. Continue reading…

Gold Under Dollar’s Pressure

Gold Under Dollar's Pressure

This morning we find price of Gold under Dollar’s pressure. The U.S. Dollar continues to rise against most major currencies today hitting a fresh 52 week high of 96.18 in light trading activity, as investors focus on global trade tensions and a strong U.S. economy. Continue reading…

Dollar’s back up – Gold soft

Dollar's back up - Gold soft

The U.S. dollar regained its oomph over the weekend, after losing a bit of steam on Friday. In turn, the selling pressure on gold and silver is on the rise. In fact, gold is trading close to last week’s 12-month low, while the dollar index is very close to the 12-month high it hit a few weeks ago. In short, the dollar’s back up – gold soft. Continue reading…

Gold Ticks Up On Jobs Report

Gold Ticks Up on jobs Report

Surprise – gold ticks up on jobs report. After a lackluster week, the yellow metal regained a little shine this morning after weaker-than-expected growth numbers in the U.S. labor market were released for July. Continue reading…

All Eyes On The Fed Today

All Eyes On the Fed

All eyes will be on the Federal Open Market Committee as it finishes its two-day meeting today. No rate is expected at 2 pm when their statement is to be released. Continue reading…

Gold Technical Overview

gold technical overview

Yesterday, two levels in the price of Gold were violated giving the shorts confidence there is more selling to come. So, let’s do a gold technical overview. Continue reading…

Trade War Impact Has Begun?

Trade War Impact has Begun

Economic data released Friday from China revealed that both exports and imports came in less than expected, indicating that the trade war impact has begun. Going forward, these figures now suggest that we can expect slower global economic activity. Continue reading…

U.S. China Trade War & Gold

Market Gage - U.S. China Trade War

Walter Pehowich is on vacation this week. The insights are from a senior Dillon Gage analyst.

Hold on…as instabilities rock the market landscape.

July 4th may be in the rearview mirror, but the fireworks appear to just be getting started—all in the name of a looming U.S. China trade war between the economic giants. Continue reading…

Fourth Of July Hours

July Fourth Holiday Hours

Dillon Gage Trading and Refinery holiday hours

  • Tuesday, July 3rd: Normal hours
  • Wednesday, July 4th: Trading room and refinery closed electronic trading will be turned off at NOON CDT and reopen at 5:00 CDT*
  • Thursday, July 5th: Regular hours resume

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!

*Subject to change without notice. Hours are dependent upon Globex Market hours.

Gold Demand Down

Gold and Silver Market Insights

A recent report released by the World Gold Council revealed that first-quarter identifiable Gold demand slowed to a 10-year low of 973.5 tons. Continue reading…

ICTA Helps Nab Counterfeiter

Fake ATF Badge from ICTA Task Force Counterfeit Sting
ICTA’s Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force plays key role in investigation and provides experts to identify fakes

Dillon Gage is a proud member of The Industry Council for Tangible Assets

A New Jersey man admitted June 25 to impersonating a federal agent while selling counterfeit coins and bars and unlawfully importing counterfeit coins and bars into the United States, according to U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito. Continue reading…

Gold Bores Investors

The Market Gage - Gold is Elemental

The lack of interest in the Gold market by traders, speculators and of course investors continues to keep the price of Gold seemingly locked in place. Continue reading…

Stronger Dollar Suppressing Gold

Market Gage - Gold Bear or Bull

The stronger dollar index that is now at the 95 level is keeping Gold from edging higher. Meanwhile, investors and traders are preoccupied with all the news flooding the news channels on our ongoing immigration policy and a potential trade war with China. Continue reading…

EU Rates To Stick Until NEXT Summer

Market Gage - Precious Metals Newsletter Impacted by Europeon Markets

ECB President Mario Draghi said yesterday that he will keep EU interest rates unchanged until summer next year, In contrast, U.S. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell took a more aggressive stance, trying to stay ahead of the curve, announcing continued rate hikes. Continue reading…

Gold’s Calm Before A Storm?

Gold Hovering at $1,300

Walter Pehowich is attending the IPMI conference. Today’s comments were compiled by Dillon Gage senior analyst

The precious metals market is calm across the board this morning, on pause as we await the details of the pending summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Continue reading…

Gold Clings To NK News Bump

Gold Hovering at $1,300

Most of the Wall Street Gold traders I speak with daily have left already to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend. I can’t say I blame them as the beginning of the holiday weekend is shaping up to be spectacular here in New York with the second half not so good. Continue reading…

FLASH GAGE – North Korean News Boosts Gold

President Trump writes a letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, calling off proposed summit, “for the good of both parties,” but as he put it, “to the detriment of the world.”

In turn, Gold and Silver rally on the news.

Have a wonderful Thursday.