Dillon Gage Metals’ 2015 Precious Metals Predictions

From Coins to Conflict, International Wholesaler Offers Their Take on Several Key Issues Affecting the Precious Metals Marketplace in 2015

ADDISON, TEXAS (Jan. 13, 2015)—With the new year upon us, many investors and industry experts are offering their predictions for the 2015 precious metals forecast. Dillon Gage Metals, a leading international precious metals wholesaler, offers their take on several key issues ranging from general economic overviews and pricing to interest rates and geopolitical events.
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Digital Metals Launches Spots In A Box

Simple Converter Box Delivers Real-Time Precious Metals Spot Pricing Directly to Businesses and Customers

Addison, TEXAS (Jan. 29, 2015)Spots in a Box can be used in a variety of business settings and customized for particular audiences. Primary target markets include precious metals showrooms, trading offices, brokerage firms, investment advisors and even trade show floors.

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Gold Maple Leaf 2017

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf includes all the advanced security features as the 2016 mintage. For details, click here.

Gold Philharmonic 2017

The Austrian Gold Philharmonic, is minted by the Austrian Mint in Vienna.
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FizSpots and Charts Dealer Tool

DG Spots & Charts are most useful for your business if you’re looking to:

  • Drive your existing platform with spot prices
  • Leverage intraday charts on your website
  • Receive spot prices from a market maker
  • View spot price trending or ratios to gold prices
  • Lower your cost for spots

DG Spots & Charts provide real time speed of the market spots.

  • Spots are a real-time, Dillon Gage spot price feed
  • Derived from active futures prices
  • Ticks at the speed of the market
  • Charts can be formatted any way you like

Offered a Metric Ton “Deal”?

Have you recently been offered or heard about special deals in gold dust or African, Hong Kong, Singapore gold?

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Dillon Gage Names Exec. VP-Business Development

Roy Friedman is an Authority in Precious Metals, Financial Markets

DALLAS, Jan. 12, 2012—Dillon Gage Metals, a division of Dillon Gage Incorporated of Dallas, has named Roy Friedman, a well-respected trader and commentator in the field of precious metals and global financial markets, as Executive Vice President of Business Development for the firm. Continue reading…